Clippers vs Lakers: Who has Better Chance at Landing Kawhi Leonard?

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Kawhi Leonard’s future is still very much unknown. He will play out the final year of his contract with the Toronto Raptors this season, but beyond that, no one knows what to expect. Of course, there is speculation that he would like to return home to sunny California wit the Los Angeles Lakers or Clippers, but free agency is too far off to know anything as of yet.But ESPN Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski, believes Leonard will ultimately wind up with the Lakers or the Clippers. On his podcast, The Woj Pod, Adrian Wojnarowski said:

“I think [Los Angeles], for him… Lakers or Clippers — both have a real chance at him and I think both are going to be able to make different cases to him.”

It would make sense for Leonard to have eyes on one of the tenants of the Staples Center. For starters, Leonard in a Lakers uniform would pose a legitimate threat to the Warriors dynasty. Leonard and James with a solid young corps could be enough to dethrone Golden State.

The Clippers would make sense if Leonard wants to be the centerpiece of the team while also not being the center of attention in L.A. As a Laker, Leonard would be somewhat overshadowed by LeBron James. Knowing what little we actually know about Leonard so far, being the face of one of the biggest organizations in one of the biggest markets might not be as appealing.

Of course, in the NBA anything can (and probably will) happen. It’s still too early to know what the future holds and for now, this is all speculation.

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