Kawhi Leonard – Small Forward Extra-extraordinaire and Temporary Toronto Raptors Serviceman

Some are saying you’re the top 5 players in the league…SMH!, and people are talking about how your unfortunate trade to super cold ‘Canada’ will affect the Toronto Raptors‘ chances at being contenders. We KNOW you HATE the cold weather and only left your hotel rooms for the game when Spurs played in eskimo city. And we’re with you! Only eskimos should reside in Toronto.

You were legendary with the Spurs and dominated the West. We Clippers’ fans apologize for the way things ended there. However, there’s another team that’s scheming out West, and I believe they’re ready to dominate. No, I’m not talking about the back stabbing Lakers (who wants to play second fiddle Lebron James and his oversize ego? Rather, I’m referring to the Los Angeles Clippers (yes, i’m talking about the other LA team), and were are ready to do whatever it takes to bring you home where you below for the 2019 NBA season.

Please come home Kawhi. Look what we’re doing with the team now. We’re building it up just for you. We signed Marcin Gortat, Danilo Gallinari. Oh, remember that quit kid? What his name again…. “Lou Williams,” who wreak havoc on the Western teams with his shooting and ability to get to the ram at will? Tobias Harris, remember him? He’s there to and not going anywhere anytime soon. Oh, who doesn’t want to play with the ever-energetic, Patrick Beverley. This is just the beginning. Before next season ends, we will have sign whoever you want us too even we have to freeze hell over to do it!

P.S. You can even kneel for the National Anthem here! This is Los Angeles, we respect your right to free speech!

Los Angeles Clippers’ Super Fans