The Petition

This Petition will get the attention of:
  1. Kawhi Leonard,
    Temporary serviceman to Toronto Raptors
  2. Kawhi’s Uncle, Dennis Robertson
    We now know he runs it!
  3. The Clippers Front Office,
    Get them working hard to make it happen – by any means
  4. Steve Ballmer,
    He’s got ways and means…this is do or die!
  5. The Media,
    Help us show how much Clippers’ fans love Kawhi and want him there.

Let’s work together to bring Kawhi Leonard to Los Angeles Clippers in 2019! Yes We Can!!!

2019 is our one-and-only chance to land Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles Clippers’ Jersey. Kawhi was bored in LA and play college basketball in San Diego State University. The 2013-14 NBA Finals MVP, 2014-15 Defensive Player of the Year and 2-time All-star made it clear he wants to play in Los Angeles in 2019. He initially chosen the Lakers as a destination, but changed his mind after Lebron James signed! (Who wouldn’t…even Paul George did). Now, Kawhi’s people is saying he wants to come home to Los Angeles Clippers! ho ho ho!

Clippers’ fans, now is the time to keep the drum beating and have Kawhi in Clippers’ jersey comes 2019.

Kawhi was legendary with the Spurs and dominated the West. We Clippers’ fans apologize for the way things ended there. However, we are not sorry for the Spurs. There’s another team that’s scheming out West, and I believe they’re ready to dominate. No, I’m not talking about the back stabbing Lakers (who wants to play second fiddle Lebron James and his oversize ego? Rather, I’m referring to the Los Angeles Clippers (yes, i’m talking about the other LA team), and were are ready to do whatever it takes to bring you home where you below for the 2019 NBA season.


Petition by,
I'm a diehard Los Angeles Clippers fan. I've been a fan for over 20 years now! I believe if we don't get Kawhi Leonard in 2019, the Clippers should just close shop and ask all the fans to join The Lakers.